My Learning!

Oh my how the time has flown!

I can’t believe another semester has come. Every year I think to myself, What more could I possibly learn? and every year, I am surprised at how much valuable knowledge I gained! ECMP 355 has definitely been one of those classes for me!

I had never really considered (nor did I really know) that technology should be incorporated into students’ learning. I was also never really good with technology or felt confident using technology in the classroom. I had only really explored with the SMART board and using different apps for games/songs etc. I now see the HUGE world of technology that there is out there and my oh my how blind was I! I am actually so grateful that I decided to partake in this course. It has largely shaped my understanding of technology and the importance it has in the classroom.

I will most definitely be teaching my students about digital citizenship and the importance of keeping up a positive digital identity. It is so easy to get lost in the big world of technology in ways that can be very dangerous, especially for young children. It is really important to consider the fact that what is being put out onto the internet cannot be taken back, and this is critical to address in school because of life-threatening situations that can happen due to bullying and predators. This was largely seen in the visit from Carol Todd and I strongly appreciated her sharing her story.

I have SUCH A HUGE online community now to share ideas and thoughts with and this is truly amazing. I wouldn’t have thought that so many people would be willing to share resources with me and be so supportive. I am thankful to have had the doors opened up to technology and all of the amazing opportunities that it has.

For my summary of learning, I made a board game to show all of this amazing knowledge that I have learned. The board game has different technology logo’s all around it and there are two different kinds of cards to pick up. Orange cards have questions that need to be answered and the pink cards have different opportunities to move across the board.  There are digital instructions included as well as a digital tutorial and a google doc with all of the information included 🙂


Digital Instructions

Live Action Tutorial

Google Doc