My name is Trisha Waldbauer. All throughout my life, I have known that children are my passion. There
14191904_10209072839473612_8710840577872026962_n are many children in my family and I am a strong family-oriented person, so I get to spend a lot of time with them and watch them grow. I love that I have the opportunity to make a positive influence on their life as did many of my educators and family members growing up. My mother and past teachers have really inspired me to fulfill this passion by becoming an educator because they never lose faith in me. My mother is one of the most caring people that I have had the pleasure of knowing, she devotes herself to anything that she does and always puts other people ahead of herself, which has greatly shaped me into the person that I am today and wish to grow into in the future.1428178624018

In my spare time, I love to spend time with my friends and family because I am a peopleperson and love having company. Scrapbooking, organizing tasks, baking, reading and crafting are some of the things I like to do whenever I have some down time. Being a part of the Big Sister program is another joy of mine because of the positive influence that I have and the connection that is made.


I have learnt what kind of educator that I aspire to be and certainly, what kind of educator that I do not want to be from the teachers I had growing up. One of the qualities that I obtain that will complement being an educator is creativity. I love being creative and thinking outside the box, which is something that will be present throughout my classroom. I want it to be a setting where children feel welcomed and are encouraged to learn and explore their surroundings. Having patience and being organized are also strong qualities that I have that go hand-in-hand with being an educator. Coaching gymnastics and running a summer fun program have taught me the value of having patience with children because they all learn and grow at difference paces. Children need someone by their side to learn and grow with them and I am very excited to be a part of this process alongside my students.


Coming from a small town, my classrooms did not show a great deal of diversity in them, so I was not exposed to this very much growing up. This is something that is important for me to better my understanding with as I grow as an educator because diversity is critical in a classroom. My previous two years in the education program have already broadened my knowledge of diversity immensely.

Teaching Philosophy

 “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, include me and I will learn.”

 Benjamin Franklin

Inquiry-Based Learning

Teaching is very dear to my heart because of my strong passion for children and all that they teach me. The learning process is a two way street which makes it important for me to submerge myself into the learning process just as much as my students will. I want my classroom to be centered on inquiry-based learning because I strongly feel that this is effective for the students in terms of facilitating their own learning. This will allow me to perform constant assessment and reflection on my students learning in order to determine what I can do to further their development within the classroom. I will be able to check off developmental stages as I observe the students in their hands on learning experiences while providing my assistance to those who need it. Developmental centers based on my students’ interests will be set up to facilitate this inquiry-based learning that connect to curriculum content. The hands on learning facilitated within my developmental centers encourage students to be creative within their surroundings and apply their knowledge to real life situations while being engaged, which I believe is very effective for young learners.

Inclusive Teaching Strategies

I strongly believe that I need to learn and teach to how my students will learn best, rather than pushing them to learn how I teach. Every child deserves a chance at success, so I will get to know each and every one of my students in order to connect with them on a deeper level, allowing me to understand what their needs are. I will include many types of learning such as visual, auditory, kinaesthetic and hands on learning to meet the needs of my students which will be incorporated into my developmental centers. This will provide my students with a variety of learning techniques that they can take with them in their future years of development.

Open, Safe and Nurturing Environment

Some features I will highlight within my classroom and implement on a daily basis is an open, safe and nurturing environment. This will stimulate effective learning in which I’ll watch my students grow and transform alongside them. I will always maintain an approachable attitude, along with the principle of inclusion because it is important that children feel valued. I will always challenge myself to incorporate cultural diversity within my classroom to support the principle of inclusion. I want to do this because I will have students of many backgrounds and I want to have all of these wonderful cultural variances showcased throughout my classroom. Children have been the highlight of my life for as long as I can remember and this is why being an effective educator is very important to me. Reflection is important to me throughout my teaching experience because constant evaluation of myself will allow me to be the effective educator that I dream to be.  Reflection will take place each night on how my day went and what I could improve to reach the needs of my students and will also be a good indicator as to whether my teaching strategies are effective or need improvement.

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