I never believed I could have such a large PLN and online support system. I am grateful for all of the new relationships that have been built during my time in ECMP 355. I know that my relationships will continue to build long after this class ends.

I have had the pleasure of being involved with others’ learning as well as learning from my peers. We have all been blogging and tweeting our hearts out and it makes me so happy knowing that I can log on and see such positive posts!

Twitter Contributions: I largely did a lot of my sharing and contributing on Twitter. I was always very excited to see what people were up to and loved the positive feedback that I received! It kept me motivated and helped me in the right direction with my learning. I had no idea how to use Twitter before this class and had never believed that it would be beneficial to my life. I was WRONG. I have been connecting with people that I don’t even know. I have changed my thinking on Twitter a great deal and it has countless wonderful opportunities for educators to communicate and collaborate with each other

Blog Contributions: I have to admit that I did not go on as many blogs as I should have  because it would always come up on my Twitter feed and I would comment or share through Twitter. I did have the chance to check out a few blogs and I am always so amazed at the creativity that I see! I love having the opportunity to check out an authentic blog that is fulled with great resources, lesson plans and inspiration. I was able to inspire quite a few people with my blog posts and it made my heart so happy! Sparking new interest and ideas in other people is a wonderful feeling!

Google Community Contributions: This community was very helpful! I was able to post questions or concerns and there were so many peers right there wanting to help me out! I was able to share some ideas in our community as well as contribute to some others’ learning.

I have a document outlining my contributions and it is categorised into the above categories: Blog comments, Twitter comments and Google Community comments.

ECMP 355 comments




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