Budget Binder!

I have been working on this for awhile and updating it every month, it is my own personal budget binder filled with various printables to keep my spending ON TRACK!!

I have pages that outline my spending and where it is going, goals for myself, chances to check in after the month and see how my spending went and compare it to what my prediction was! This has been SO helpful in helping me stay on track. Knowing that I have to write down how much I spend has helped me to limit the amount that I am spending on unnecessary items.

Before I had started my tracking, I was very unaware of where all my money had been going and it was becoming a big problem! It was fairly easy to find all kinds of templates in order to start making my budget binder. I also added in a clear page protector to keep all of my receipts together and in order! Oh my goodness did I have papers everywhere before! I would lose my important receipts and they were so disorganised. This way, I have them all in one neat area and they are all organised based on months.

Honestly, whether you are trying to save money or not, YOU NEED TO DO THIS!

Here are some links to the templates that I used!

2016 Budget Binder

Printable Budget Binders

Monthly Budget Binder

Budgeting for Beginners

Check out this video to watch me explain my binder! 🙂

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