That’s A Wrap

Well, this is the closing post for this learning project in ECMP 355. I have definitely learned a lot about budgeting throughout this journey! I always thought that in order to budget you had to have a big background in accounting or something fancy. BUT NOPE! Any old folk like you and I are able to effectively budget and save up money! I will be honest that it was very intimidating at first and I fell off track a time or two for sure. I have learned that making a budget and writing it all out helps SO much! When you have a written plan, it makes you stay more accountable and lets you SEE where your money I

I was very nervous to tackle budgeting as a learning project because I didn’t really think that there was much out there to help me succeed nor did I think that I had the will power to do such a thing! I have always liked spending my money and have struggled saving it up. I was so so happy with my progress on this goal and all of my new knowledge is something that I can take with me and use in the future! How great is this!? There is actually SO many resources on budgeting. Go check out my Pinterest Board on budgeting to catch a glimpse of a few of them! Also check out my Twitter to see suggestions and ideas that peers have suggested!

I bet you are all curious how I ended up doing with my money at the end of this learning project… Drum roll… I GET TO TAKE MYSELF ON VACAY!!! As excited as I am that I have built up a sufficient fund for some travelling, I am a lot more grateful for the experience! Teaching myself online has been very eye-opening! I realise that I am very capable of budgeting and I have found so many creative ways to still have fun while saving money and interesting money saving goals to keep things fun. I would have never participated in a spending freeze before because it would have seemed impossible but it is EASY with the right preparation! I have even began to think differently about the food that I am buying and I am a lot smarter now! I would just go in the store and buy whatever caught my eye (a large part of my groceries is produce) and I wouldn’t have time to eat it all and then most of it would GO BAD. What a waste!! Now I buy less groceries, more often. I buy just what I need and will use and then stock up again when its gone. NOTHING goes to waste anymore! YAY

So, now what?? I am definitely not done with this learning project and with this class coming to an end, I have some new goals in mind!

  1. Learn how to COUPON
  2. Create a budget to help me pay off my new student loans (super sad face)

I have been working on a budgeting tools document where I have a bunch of essentials such as podcasts, books, apps, cheap or free activities, meal prep ideas etc. that I can refer to when creating a new budget or if I am having troubles staying on track. It is by no means a finished product because I plan to continually be looking for new budgeting ideas!

Budgeting Tools

Thank you for following along with my learning and I hope that you have a few ideas to take away! Yay for saving money 🙂

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