Meal Prepin’ Queen


Seriously people, just do it!

Meal prepping will save your life and your budget! I have been meal prepping for quite awhile now and after doing extensive research on budgeting, I have came to the conclusion that setting up a meal plan and sticking to it is a key success factor in saving money! I have found that it is best to figure out what is on sale first and then plan your meals around the things that are on sale. For example, if ground beef is on sale, then plan to make things like tacos, lasagna or enchiladas. It is a little hard to keep track of all the stores sales and when the best time to visit the grocery store is BUT there is an awesome app called Flipp! Jordan does an amazing tutorial and review of this product below. It is a GREAT tool for shopping! You can select your favourite stores and it will tell you what is on sale at the time. You can even search items and the best deals will come up! You can create shopping lists and browse flyers and circle the items that you want.

I have a hard time with this sometimes because I try to keep a clean eating diet which doesn’t involve the cheap items that usually go on sale at stores or ones that you can get a bang for your buck with. I eat a lot of things like quinoa, ground turnkey, fresh produce, almond milk, whole wheat/organic products etc. which can get fairly costly. So, my grocery trips can get pricey and it has been a little discouraging when trying to save money. I have found a few great recipes that can be budget friendly that I will post below. I also found out that my grandma lov03438b9c5fb58679608c9cda6d530c11_grandma-cooking-grandmas-grandma-cooking-clipart_1130-1300.jpeges cooking with me so I will make cooking dates with her every so often and she will supply most of the ingredients (yay money saved!). I come home with SO MANY meals prepped and ready to go (and some sweets because can you really cook with grandma and expect not to take home some treats).




This was my last haul from #cookingwithgrandma! Yep that is homemade fettuccine, cinnamon buns, protein balls, chicken noodle soup from scratch,  homemade buns, healthy version of ‘monkey poop’, Crockpot Mexican Quinoa Taco Mix and Quinoa and Chicken Chili. I need to stop blogging about food because I’m getting hungry!

This is also another GREAT go-to meal prep recipe! Love me some Tasty vids!

I always keep my eyes out for sales on ground turkey and chicken breast! I use it in a lot of my cooking, also finding out what stores have the best deals on produce since I go through so much of it! I have been looking for new tips and tricks on how to make my produce last longer because as I hate to admit this, it sometimes doesn’t always get used up before it goes bad (downfall of only shopping and cooking for myself)

Check out this video because I learnt so much from it!

Meal prepping has:

-kept my eating on track

-reduced and eliminated food waste

-saved me time and money &

-taught me how to properly grocery shop

Try it out for even a month and see what magic takes place! Remember to report back to me 🙂


One thought on “Meal Prepin’ Queen

  1. Trisha! I LOVE how practical your Learning Project is! Personally, I am TERRIBLE at budgeting, so I found your learning project to be extremely helpful! You have such informative and relevant information, and I learned a lot from you! As I have wrote about in my blog, I HATE grocery shopping, so I found your little tricks to be very interesting! Thank you for sharing this! Great work!! 🙂


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