Weekly Goal #3


I got this idea from the amazing Jordan Page’s Blog. The main idea is that you say no to three things that you normally wouldn’t in order to save more money that week or month. I decided to try this out for a week first. I had to think of three realistic things that I could give up for a week and that would substantially save me money so that I could be motivated to do this again. I decided to give up:

  1. Getting my nails done (which usually costs $40 per month)
  2. Getting food and drinks after work
  3.  No coffee or tea on campus!

Overall, I did pretty good. I ended up getting one coffee.. I was at the university for 12 hours so I deserved it okay! and I had one sangria after work (also granted because it was on special and I had a very long shift!)

After completing this I tried it out a few more times with other items and ended up cutting out getting my nails done and eyelash extensions permanently! GUYS this is a big deal and the rewards are so great!!

I am so excited I made this to showcase me flyin off into the clouds 🙂


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