Weekly Goal #2


Okay, so this is actually a lot harder than it seems! I have been tracking my spending and its actually so crazy the amount of money that I spend on ‘eating out’ activities. Whether its going out for supper, grabbing a coffee and muffin, picking up some ice cream etc. it all adds up!! Stop making these silly mistakes.

Can anyone else relate to this meme? I always have an overwhelming amount of food at home but yet I still find myself getting food on campus or after work (I am a server, so it is very easy to order food when I am starving after work). It has come to be just the popular norm. ‘Hey want to grab a bite to eat and catch up?’ Sound familiar? What happened to the good days of making supper together or having coffee at someones house? We needs these kinds of days back to help our wallet stay fat!

I found that it was especially hard to say no to eating out because it meant that I had to take more time out of my day to pack lunches/coffee/tea etc. with me wherever I went and I am always in a rush because I always have so much going on! Anyone else feel me? Also, all my friends were getting these fancy lunches and drinks and I just had my own plain packed lunches. I soon realised the importance of packing lunches the night before because there is nothing worse than heading out the door in a rush and grabbing random items for lunch!

I have been keeping track of this progress in a little notebook, and I can successfully say that I went the whole week without using any money on food-related items (minus grocery shopping) YAY! This gave me a lot of confidence that I can say no to eating out and save a ridiculous amount of money from it!


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