Coding Fun!

Well to say that I got frustrated while making my Scratch project would be an understatement. I had to try and play around a lot with this site before  I somewhat knew what I was doing. It challenged my brain and made me think outside the box to figure out how to pair up tools in order to make sounds and movements happen. My creation is a little wild and crazy but I really enjoy the way that it turned out! Here is my production!


I am still trying to figure out how effective coding would be in the primary classrooms or how I would go about incorporating it in. However, I think that it is a great skill for students to explore with and to expand their thinking process. I love the idea of children exploring higher level thinking activities and the lifelong learning that will go along with this. Our society is becoming very technologically advanced and technology is appearing more and more in the classroom. So, why wouldn’t we want our students to be familiar with the language of technology, which is programming/coding whatever you want to call it. Coding offers great outcomes such as problem solving skills, digital confidence and citizenship skills as well as different insights for understanding the world. Allowing children time to understand machine language and how to read and write it should be incorporated on a daily basis in the classroom. For more information on the benefits of coding in the classroom check out this article by Doug Belshaw


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