Newbie Alert!

Alright, so I put in some time (I’m not good with technology! .. yet..) to look at Screencastify and what it’s all about! I have always been intrigued with how Katia does this every week for our classes. I knew that I had to start by looking at a video of how to begin this process, so I found a YouTube video to help me. I was figuring it out pretty fast except that I was having a hard time trying to set up the video camera. Six minutes of trying to figure out to be exact! Here is my very first video using Screencastify.

After some more playing around I got the hang of using this tool and really enjoyed what I could do with it! I decided to give a quick tour of my blog once I figured out how to video myself.


I am very excited that I learnt how to successfully learnt how to utilise Screencastify. Some ways that I think this would be very beneficial in the classroom, especially with little ones is that they don’t always know how to navigate the online world. You can video yourself for them to watch in down time or if they are wanting extra work to do at home. When you are able to show your screen and enable them to have access to certain sites, they can engage in the material regardless of if they are able to navigate sites or not. The only downfall that I have experienced so far is that you can only make 10 minute videos unless you become a paying member. Another thing to keep in mind is that not all students have access to the internet at home, so this might not be the best suggestion for students who are wanting extra work to do at home.

YAY for new learning!!












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