Budget Advice!

Yet again, another amazing video from Jordan Page!

I cannot even say enough good things about this video. IT IS LIFE CHANGING! She talks about a system that she uses all the time and outlines it SO easily! She sets a limit for herself each month (groceries and other) and then splits it up for the weeks in the month. She gives some very useful advice here! Seriously people, please watch!

Budget Advice

I tried this out and it went so good!! (Mine literally looked exactly like her set up) Honestly, it was super hard to stay on track and just knowing that I had made such a little spending goal for myself, it made me want to go buy unnecessary items! BUT I stick to my goal and I was able to save up so much extra money that I was not able to before!

I have been loving looking for different budgeting methods to try out so far!! I am constantly coming across new techniques to try and it is kinda fun to see what I can try and what will save me the most money! YAY for S A V I N G $$$$.



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