Weekly Goal #1

Hi Friends!

So, I have been setting up weekly goals for myself that seem more attainable than large goals that would be challenging when first starting out to budget money. I have taken this first month to explore resources and gain different information/printables that will help me to stay accountable and on track. I have found a few different budget sheets that I am going to use to create my own ‘budget binder’ in order to keep track of these weekly as well as longer term goals.

The first weekly goal I set out for myself was a spending Freeze that

I had read about. January 20-27 my very first spending freeze!! It was surprisingly easy to say no to many
things that I normally would tell myself that I need. I did not 100% do this challenge successfully. I ended up buying a coffee on campus one day but I would still chalk that up as a success for my first go at the spending freeze. I could definitely get used to these spending freezes and the feel goods that came with it!




-I didn’t let any food go to waste because I only got the necessities and did not over spend on food that I didn’t need

-I got into the habit of saying NO to items that I really do not need

-Money became a lot more meaningful for me when I started using a cash system instead of relying on my debit card. I started to see money less as just a piece of plastic or a ‘thing’ and more as actual money

I invite you all to try a spending freeze with me! Here is a link to the wonderful Jordan Page

Spending Freeze Information


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