Twitter in the Classroom

I have not worked with Twitter before but have spent some time exploring it these last few days. Honestly, it intimidated me a lot and I did not even know where to begin! Last weeks class helped me out a lot, thanks Katia! She shared some awesome Tips and Tricks to getting started with Twitter that are a great starting point! Something that is really important when timagesweeting is using #hashtags! A great list of educational hashtags can be found here. I have been starting to follow my classmates and fellow teachers and educational accounts. There are many other people I would love to follow and gain amazing resources from. A starting goal of mine is to broaden my Twitter followers and I will do so by visiting these great sites!


  1. Saskatchewan Teachers on Twitter
  2. Top 100 Tweeters in Regina
  3. Educators on Twitter

I have not mastered Twitter in any means yet and there are probably still a lot of things that I am unaware of but I am starting to form ideas of how I could incorporate this into the classroom. Get going in the classroom is a great resource to use when beginning to look at incorporating Twitter into the classroom. Find my blog along with many other amazing educators at!


First off, I am realising how easy it is share
downloadamazing resources with one another! I love how positive and encouraging my news feed is all the time. I know that I can log on and find incredible articles and inspiring stories! I would love to explore this with my students each morning and pick one picture, resource, article to look at in order to bring positive vibes to our classroom. It is important for me to open up the world of technology for my students because I did not receive a lot of diversity in regards to technology growing up and now I feel very intimidated and lost whenever trying to tackle anything technology related. I have not participated in a #saskedchat yet but I think that this would be something I would love to incorporate into the classroom! I have also always wanted to connect to another classroom through social media/technology and I could definitely see myself using Twitter for this! I could see Twitter being extremely helpful for contacting people or spreading awareness of what we are talking about in the classroom.

I am very excited to be starting my #twitter journey and reflect back on this day when I am a Twitter professional and use it in the classroom daily! Until next time,


download (4).jpg                                                                                       @misswaldbauer




One thought on “Twitter in the Classroom

  1. I really appreciated this blog post! Thank you for sharing. I recently wrote a post on how the web is a place where we can connect with others globally. At the end of the post, I asked a question about how we can get students to connect with others around the world in our classroom. I would agree that Twitter is a great place to start that connection! I love how Twitter is a community. We are able to learn so much from people around the world and then give back by sharing our resources with them! I agree that students can also be a part of this community. Your idea of picking one picture, article, or resource to look at with your students, is a great step towards getting students connected! Thank your sharing your thoughts and resources!


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