My Learning Goal

I have chosen to further my knowledge on personal financing. This is something I have struggled with for awhile. I do not know how to properly budget my money and often find myself splurging on unnecessary items. As I am entering my final semester and will soon be overwhelmed with student loan debt, I find it the perfect time to start effectively financing my spending. I am also doing some travelling this summer and want to save up as much money as possible. I have began to think about what goals I would like to set for myself throughout this learning journey:

  1. Create a weekly budget for myself
  2. Do at least one ‘spending freeze’ a month
  3. Look for alternative ways to acquire items that I may want (online garage sales, DIY, thrift stores)
  4. Put at least $50 away every pay check
  5. Read a personal finance book

During some of my research on this topic, I have came across this amazing blogger Jordan Page and she talks about going on a spending freeze. I thought what better way to start out this journey by going on a complete freeze while I start setting up my budget. She encourages you not to wait for Sunday or Monday but to start RIGHT AWAY. So, today I am going out to get a few necessary groceries or items that I may be running low on and then starting tomorrow I am not spending any $$$. The only bill that I need to pay right now is tuition, which I am going to do tomorrow. No coffee on campus, no eating out, no little $5 purchases, NOTHING. I am going to re-train my brain during this week on how to say no to things that are truly not necessary. I am going to take all of the money that I would normally spend during this week and put it straight into my savings account at the end of the week. Stay posted on my progress and check out Jordan’s blog if this is something that you think you could benefit from!



2 thoughts on “My Learning Goal

  1. I really enjoyed the picture that you included at the end. I am definitely a person that likes to spend before saving and its not working out so well for me. It will be tough but I have to remember to save before spending!!


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