All About Me

My name is Trisha aka Miss Waldbauer 🙂


I have come to love the use of technology in the classroom. It is engaging and fun for students and allows them to gain depth understandings of material while feeling like they are just having fun. Honestly, technology has always frightened me and I do not always feel comfortable in this area but I was fortunate enough to have a positive experience in my internship with technology and became more familiar with it. My supervising teacher was very experienced with SMART board applications and was always willing to share new ideas and help out when needed. She had a lot of routines already set up utilising this tool, so I gradually became familiar and confident using this and incorporated it into my teachings. There is honestly SO much that you can do with a SMART board that I was not aware of. I’m so glad that I expanded my knowledge with this tool and I hope that I have the privilege of having one of these in my classroom. The students loved interacting with it and it makes the learning entertaining and they were able to focus for so much longer!

Blogging made me very nervous the first time that I had to do it. Luckily, I have a friend who is very good with technology and she helped me out a lot! Now it is a lot more manageable for me to continue the blogging process but there are still a lot of things that i need to remind myself of and questions that I need answered. I have not used any other blogging site except for Word Press, but I find that most questions can be answered through just playing around on the site, it is fairly easy and laid out, so this has helped my blogging experience be a positive one as well. Reading through the Seven Reasons Teachers Should Blog article, I especially identify with:

1) Blogging causes you to reflect

4) Blogging can create personal momentum

6) Blogging can be creative

We had a class blog in my internship classroom and I really love this idea, not only can parents log on and see what the class has been up to, but you as the teacher and look back and remember significant lessons and see the growth taking place. This allows for constant reflection and goal building. Professional development is something that I am always seeking out in order to be an effective educator and I really like the idea of including blogging into this process.

My Pinterest is filled with teaching ideas and inspiration. Feel free to check it out to learn more about me and get some ideas for the classroom! Miss Waldbauer’s Pinterest Page


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