January 5th, 2017

The word Miyo-wicehtowin would have not meant anything to me before, but now I understand that it means to get along well with others, have good relationships and to expand your circle. This Cree word now has great meaning to my life and this is why:

Relationships are one of the most important things to me and while they may look very different in different areas in my life, I value all of them. My relationships with my friends and family have a lot to do with the person that I am today and the values that I have. I have always had a very open relationship with my parents and they have taught me so much about life and influence some of the goals that I have made for myself. They are continually supporting my dreams and always encourage me to be the best version of myself that I can be. These strong relationships that I formed growing up, first with my parents, friends and then myself are now the platform for my education career. Relationships in the classroom are very important to me so that I can get to know my students on a deeper level than just being their ‘teacher’ but rather their cheerleader and support system. Relationships and getting along well with colleagues is also something that I value because I love collaborating with people and think beautiful ideas happen when various minds come together. I love learning from and with people and seeing different worldviews and points of mind because I am always seeking to broaden my understanding of the world and amazing people that occupy it.

It was great browsing through Sheena’s Treaty Walk blog because it made me feel a lot more comfortable admitting that I do not know a lot about Treaties and this idea of what it means to be a Treaty person. Her posts are real and raw, she compares her Treaty walk to going to a garden and taking the gift from the land to prepare it for her own nourishment and it is beautiful. This really puts forth the importance of going on our own journey to discover who we are so that we can be our best self and share all of our beautiful findings with others.

“A treaty walk is like going to the garden — back in the days when I lived at home and going to the garden meant fighting my way through Dad’s long rows of corn, squash, pumpkin, beans, peas, swiss chard, carrots, beats, and potatoes — and picking something from the earth. A treaty walk is like taking that good gift from the land and preparing it for my own nourishment or to share with others”




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