Unit Plans Developed by Classmates

Listed below are some of the various science units created by my fellow classmates for our ESCI 310 class. Eventually, I hope to get all of these unit plans posted onto my blog for resources 🙂


Living Things in Our Environment- Sarah Munro

Our Natural Surrounding By Trina Stauch

Materials and Objects- By Tori Fredlund

Physical Science – By Jordan Reeves

Grade 1

Grade 1-Needs and Characteristics of Living Things by Ellie Ginnaris

Grade 2

Motion and Relative Positioning- Jason Shamel

Grade 3

Grade 3-Plant Growth and Change by Shayla Berner

Grade 3- Structures and Materials by Brittany Larson


Grade 5

Weather- Jenna deBoth

Grade 6

Grade 6- Understanding Electricity by Megan Walkeden







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