Mathematical Themed Tasks

I created 3 themed tasks in my EMTH 310 class, they are centred around sensory play for Kindergarten. I had a lot of fun with this assignment and it opened my eyes to the possibilities behind fun and exciting math activities for students.

Task #1

Dig in the sensory bucket in order to find numbers, match them to their corresponding number in pictorial form and then verbalize what numeral this is and hold up the number of fingers that go with the numeral.

At this station, students will be able to ignite all of their senses when trying to find numbers in the sensory bin and use their problem solving skills in order to match the number they find to its respective quantity. Students will be highly engaged in this activity and work on their fine motor skills.

Task #2

Compare the two objects (popcorn and kernel) using direct comparison relating to mass and volume. Make a prediction about which object will sink and which will float as well as which will take up more space in a jar and then test out the hypothesis.

 During this task, students will use their critical thinking to determine which object has more mass and which one has more volume, they will get to work on their decision making skills as well. A class chart will be made in which each student will get to contribute their hypothesis and then it will be tested out. This activity will be great for the students to see how one object can transform into another (kernel and popcorn) and that they can have different properties. Students will make the popcorn as a class to see this transformation.

Task #3

What is the repeating pattern in this sequence? Finish the pattern and then create your own repeating pattern using the bingo dabbers

Students will be working on their fine motor skills in this task by holding the bingo dabber to create patterns. They will be making sense of their surroundings by linking patterns they see in their everyday lives and in their classroom to create new repeating patterns. Students will also be working with a different material (bingo dabber) instead of markers or crayons that they usually work with.


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