Class Reflection: September 21, 2015

Inquiry in Social Studies

I love incorporating inquiry projects for students in the classroom because I think that it is important for students to facilitate their own learning through guided or open inquiries. Inquiry-based learning is something that is incorporated into my teaching philosophy because I truly believe that students learn better when they have a say in their learning. Incorporating inquiry into social studies would be a great reinforcing component to include. Inquiry-based learning is very beneficial because it builds on student’s curiosity and wonder of their world as well as their interests, experiences and diverse backgrounds. Developing questions that are induced by students interests are essential to ensure rich and deep learning. The purpose of developing these critical thinking questions is to help students grasp important disciplinary or transdisciplinary ideas focused on curriculum or context. Incorporating technology into the classroom is a great way to bring content to the table that is not always readily available. Field trips and guest speakers are also great tools that go along with inquiry-based projects for students because it is all about that hands-on learning!

Inquiry in Social Studies



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