Indigenous Knowledges and the Story of the Bean

This article shares ideas from an excellent perspective on ways in which to effectively incorporate indigenous world views into a classroom without being antagonistic or demeaning. This is something that is very important for educators to be aware of and this article is a great read in order to better understand effective teaching practices around First Nations perspectives, world views and traditions. I connected this reading to our presentation from Alison, Vic and Lani and how it was very effective to learn the proper accustoms such as tobacco offerings. This article really opened my eyes to the importance of not over generalizing a population or group. First Nations culture is focused around knowledge and they believe that they are always learning. I also connected with this part of the article because as an educator, I feel that I am always growing and learning alongside my students and it is important for students to know that it is okay to make mistakes and not know everything. I loved reading about the bean plan and how to go about discussing this idea with your students.


Brayboy, B & Maughan, E. (2009) Indigenous Knowledges and the Story of the Bean. Harvard Educational Review. 79:1. p. 1-23.


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