Class Reflection: October 26, 2015

Guest Speakers


On October 26, we had three special guests welcomed into our classroom. Alison Kimbley, Vic Star and Lani Elliot were kind enough to come into our class to educate us further about Aboriginal content. I gained a lot of valuable insight during this presentation and I am grateful that they came to our class.

Our class is filled with so many insightful and enriched ideas. This means so much to me because of the amazing discussions that come from our collaboration and knowledge. Our discussion tonight about stereotypes of First Nations people was very eye opening and it’s amazing to see how much influence negative connotations such as stereotypes have on one’s attitude or misrepresentation around First Nations people.

Alison Ellen shared her story of violence and it touched my heart greatly. Awareness of missing and murdered women is a lacking topic in our society and this breaks my heart because it is such a serious issue.

My favorite part about this presentation was making the tobacco pouches at the end because it is something that I have never done and LOVED being educated on how to properly welcome guests into my classroom.

Things I learnt:

-Aboriginal women are 5x more likely to be raped or abused and this statistic needs to be stopped.

-Feathers are given in times of recognition, so it is very disrespectful to abuse them

-Sacred plants to the creator are: sage (to make an offering), tobacco (invite creator into life or to ask for something or knowledge), cedar  and Sweet grass (to trade/buy/sell)

-A woman’s moon is a very powerful time and they usually cannot go to ceremonies on their moon unless they sage in their shoes or socks

-A woman cannot handle tobacco while they are on their moon

-First Nations is the overall term used and then Metis/ Inuit etc.. are seperate terms


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