Class Reflection: September 28, 2015

I gained a lot of valuable knowledge in today’s class about presentations in the classroom. When grading students, it is important to look at how they can expand the information complied to other topics and how it can be related and weaved in, not necessarily just the knowledge that the students have regurgitated. A lot of my teachers in high school based our evaluations solely on the information we provided during our presentation and the aesthetics used, rather than looking at our growth on that topic or how it could be expanded on into other topics. I feel that teachers need to stray away from the ‘typical’ style of teaching or marking where they compare all the students’ work to that of the best quality in the class. Marking should not come down to whose looked prettiest or the most flashy and comparing students is very degrading because all students grow and learn at different stages and their evaluation should be based on how much they have grown in their learning. This is something that is important to me as an educator because I want my students to feel valued because I believe that they will be efficient workers if their contributions are being appreciated and valued.

-Rubistar is a GREAT tool to help aid in evaluations!


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