Class Reflection: October 5&19, 2015

The class presentations on Understanding Outcomes were wonderful! Everybody brought such creative ideas to the table and I’m all about creativity! I LOVE it 🙂 Seeing everybody’s ideas come together and helping one another out with suggestions or thoughts was great to see and work on our teamwork. As an educator, collaboration is key and being able to work together and conduct effective team work is very important. I thoroughly enjoy that we have created such a respectable, inclusive environment for effective collaboration to take place. There was no repeat ideas which reinforces the important that each student (no matter their age) can contribute insightful ideas to the table and that we can all grow and learn from one another. A similar theme I saw in these presentations was providing meaning to the lessons through personal connections. Weaving personal connections into lessons is a great way to reinforce the essential learnings for the students. There is nothing worse than a student coming home from school and answering with ‘nothing’ when asked what they learnt that day. Our job as educators is to TEACH and if our students are not taking away our teachings than we are not successfully doing our job and education is not a profession where one does not concern themselves with succeeding in their work. We are in this profession because we want to influence change and positivity in students lives and transform their learning, and I believe that bringing personal connections into the lessons will create the lifelong learning that I wish to see in my classrooms.

  • I loved the idea of building communities out of the food materials because even being in university, I had a blast with this activity so I can only imagine how much fun little ones would have with this. It gets students to critically think about how they could manipulate the tools (food) so that it can fit into their community and really drives their creativity! (just be careful about food allergies and sanitary issues if the students are going to be eating the food items after creating communities with them)
  • The spinning wheel activity also stuck out to me because of how much fun students would have learning about directions and the many lessons that could get built off of this idea

Good Work everybody! 🙂

Link to handouts:


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