Class Reflection: November 23, 2015

Due to class being cancelled, I was able to attend the UR Pride presentation located at the TPC. This presentation involved a lot of critical thinking and this provided me with so many new learnings. I always thought of LGBTQ to stand for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender and queer and I was not aware that two-spirit and questioning were a part of this. We were asked to critically think about what each definition was on the pages listed below using our own knowledge. This activity involved us de-constructing the average meaning and it was very challenging because I have not been educated a great deal on these topics. The terms get used to loosely that they have lost their real definition and are now used to degrade people and things using phrases such as ‘that test was so gay’. Tools we were given to help our students to better understand the negative actions that  surround bullying and stereotyping of these issues are:

  • -We were introduced to this site that indicates each time homophobic language is being used in social media and the count is forever climbing. This is a great tool to use in a classroom to get students to realize how harmful this language really can be and the negative effects that it can have

No Homophones Site

  • Asking students to critically think about what they are saying. If a student refers to ‘that test being so gay’ simply address what they have just spoken by questions such as how the test can have a sexual preference to make them stop and think about the words that they are speaking

I came away from this presentation understanding in a deeper level what LGBTQ is all about and strategies to help students critically think about what they are speaking when it comes to these terms.

UR Pride Presentation2UR Pride Presentation

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