Grade 6 Solar System Unit

This is a unit plan that I made for my ESCI 310 class. This unit has 10 lessons and it focuses on the outcomes:

SS6.1: Research and represent the physical characteristics of the major components of the solar system, including the sun, planets, moons, asteroids, and comets.

SS6.2: Assess the efficacy of various methods of representing and interpreting astronomical phenomena, including phases, eclipses, and seasons.

SS6.3: Evaluate past, current, and possible future contributions of space exploration programs including space probes and human spaceflight, which support living and working in the inner solar system
Lesson 1- Intriguing Introductory Lesson
Lesson 2- The Mysterious Moon
Lesson 3- Exciting Eclipses
Lesson 4- Savvy Over Seasons
Lesson 5- Crazy about Constellations
Lesson 6- Presenting the Planets and Sun
Lesson 7- Amazing Asteroids, Cool Comets and Magnificent Meteors
Lesson 8- Astounding Astronauts
Lesson 9- Stellar Space Travel
Lesson 10-Future Contributions to Flight in Space

Grade 6 Solar System Unit


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