Physical Education Lesson Plan

Outcome: PE2.3

Explore, express, and apply, a variety of ways to skillfully move the body through space while participating in movement activities, including at a:

  • utilization level of skills when:
    • walking
    • running
    • jumping forward and landing
    • jumping sideways and landing
  • control level of skill when:
    • jumping backward and landing
    • hopping (body moves on one foot as in right foot to right foot)
    • skipping (combines a step and a hop)
    • leaping (body ‘takes off’ from one foot, propels through air for distance, then lands on the opposite foot)
    • sliding (one foot steps and the other moves to meet the first foot, “step-close”)
    • galloping (one foot steps, body propels upward, other foot moves to meet the first foot)
    • rolling forward (see note)
    • rolling sideways
  • progressing-towards-control level of skill when:
    • rolling backward (see note on page 34).

This is a grade 2 lesson plan that I made focused on skillful movement centred around leaping, jumping, hopping, skipping and galloping. There are various activities in this lesson incorporating skillful movement and an assessment technique provided.

EPE 310- Lesson as Planned


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