Class Reflection: September 14, 2015

This class was very insightful to me because of all the different teaching strategies Milissa used in our lesson. I never thought that so many could be combined into one lesson and she did it in a way that I didn’t even realize all of them were being used until we debriefed as a class. Technology, prompts, student-led, teacher-led, group work and brainstorming were some that we had talked about. I wasn’t aware that so many could be incorporated without the lesson being choppy or confusing. So, this was nice to experience and made me think of all the possibilities that I can bring to the table with my future students. Something that made me a bit nervous was the thought of teaching to all the different learning strategies in my classroom in a way that was meaningful for everyone and I’ve already learnt that it is indeed possible. I really enjoy the use of technology throughout this class because it is not something that I am overly familiar with. Seeing the use of the quizzes and surveys we have done has intrigued me a lot to find out more about the use of technology and creating this blog has been my first step. It has been a bit stressful not having any prior knowledge about blogging but there is a first time for everything! I successfully learnt how to make a new page and post so that’s a start! 🙂


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